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Weather on Koh Chang

Booking Koh Chang beachfront hotels and need to know when you can expect the best weather? Warm weather is experienced all year round with average temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius while water temperatures are fairly steady at 28 degrees Celsius. The only thing that changes is the amount of precipitation.

The area has basically two seasons. The hot and dry season from November to April and the humid rainy season from May to December. This however does not mean you have rain weeks or even just days on end. Rain comes in the form of a thunder storm for an hour or two, which can be nice and cooling, followed by sunshine and humidity and some showers again later. Not exactly clear skies all day, but not exactly European winters either. Seas can rougher during this time, so island hopping in the archipelago may be problematic at times. Boat trips sometimes have to be postponed or canceled completely for safety reasons.

During the hot season maximum temperatures start at 30 degrees in November, rising steadily to reach 36 degrees Celsius in April. In terms of heat, November to February is the most comfortable with March and April being the hottest months. The minimum temperature during this time vary between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius. Th rainy season is from late May to October. During this time, maximum temperatures drop steadily from 34 degrees in May to approximately 29 degrees in October.

We know more rain is experienced during May to December, but during this time you may still be on the lucky side and visit for a week and not see one drop of rain. The advantages of visiting during this time is that accommodation is cheaper, the islands sees less tourists and the rain has a wonderful cooling effect.