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Transportation in Pattaya

Transportation in Pattaya is well organized, reliable and plentiful making getting around fun and easy. The Baht Bus, or locally called Songthaews is one of the cheapest transport options available and it is also safe. From 100 to 150 Baht you will get you anywhere in the city. Motorcycle taxis are available for the adventurous. These are even cheaper than the Baht bus, fast and definitely the more dangerous of the options. Negotiate your fee before you get on.

Motorcycles or scooters are available for rent everywhere and if you can ride one it is probably the best and cheapest option. Here you will need an international driver license or face a fine if you get caught. Take our word for it, always wear a helmet, drive slow and be careful. Scooter accidents are very common everywhere in Thailand, many of which are fatal. Unless you are an experienced driver and even more important, understand the Thai way of driving, stay off!

The safest though not the cheapest is to simply rent a car or jeep. This allows you the time to explore Pattaya at your own pace and leisure. It is important to make sure the vehicle is fully insured since some street shops neglect to do this. It will also be a good idea to walk around the car and take pictures of any existing damage to avoid disagreements afterward. Taxi-meters are available and though not the cheapest it is the most comfortable.