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Transportation in Koh Lanta

No matter which island, city or hotel you arrive at in Thailand, they will be waiting there, because everyone wants one. Scooters, it is not only the primary means of transportation in Koh Lanta for locals, but the first thing every tourist wants to do is rent one. Motorcycles can be rented all over the island including at most resorts. It,s fun and exiting, a great thrill to scoot around island roads with the wind in your hair.

We do not discourage the renting and use of scooters, everyone deserves to entertain them selves this way, but we do want to offer a word of caution. Scooter accidents are frequent and some are fatal. The reason for it is quite simply a lack of experience as well as a lack of being responsible.

Few tourists who visit Thailand will have experience driving one, many drive them without a helmet and some even drive under the influence. Add to that steep hills, sharp bends and loose sand, and not mentioning trucks and buses on the island's roads and you have a recipe for a very dangerous situation. Be responsible, drive slow and wear appropriate gear.  

A safer option is renting a Jeep from transportation companies. It is comfortable and allow you to explore Koh Lanta's treasures at your time and leisure. Be sure to check insurance, contract terms and the condition of the vehicle. We also suggest taking pictures of the condition of the vehicle and any existing damage or scratches before departing.