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Transportation in Khao Lak

The reliability of time tables, frequency of train, bus and mini vans departures as well as pubic transport cost are highlights tourism in Thailand. From Phuket Airport to Khao Lak and also for short distance travel within the region, from hotels to attractions and around places like Takua Pa village transportation is readily available. From taxis and tuk tuks to cheap Baht buses and shuttle services offered by especially 5 star hotels, transportation is as plentiful. You could also rent your own car to explore the area. If you do, keep in mind Thailand has a high vehicle accident rate, so make sure your car is insured and drive careful.

  • Taxi

    You will find taxis within sight of most hotels, in Takua Pa town and most popular beach areas. Since Khao Lak sees little traffic, our advice is to insist on the meter being turned on as apposed to negotiating a fixed fee.
  • Car Rental

    If you consider renting a car you could do this in advance and drive from Phuket airport using our map for directions. Alternatively reputable car rental companies such as Budget and Hertz have offices in the area.
  • Scooter Taxi's

    These are cheap and great for short distances. They wear red or green vests and will take you anywhere.Negotiate the price before you get on. Fares depend on the distance and your bargaining skills. Not the safest, but convenient.
  • Scooters

    The first thing everyone does after arriving in Thailand is to rent a scooter and you can do it here too. It is cheap and convenient, but heed our word of warning, namely not to underestimate the risk that comes with it.
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