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Phuket Images

The Phuket images below is a glimpse into what you can expect to be waiting for you. It is of course impossible to capture the essence of an island like this in a photo gallery and we therefore suggest you book from our list of the best hotels in Phuket as soon as possible to secure your space, because 10 Million other tourists per year also want a piece of it. This is the approximate number of visitors passing through each year. Many of these are return visitors having experienced the beguiling nature once and not being able to resist a second or third visit. Of course, for many this island is an annual vacation destination.

There are several reasons for the popularity of Phuket. Not only does the island offer a wealth of world class hotel and resort accommodation set amid breathtaking exotic surroundings, but it is also a magnet for adventure seekers like scuba divers, rock climbers, kite boarders and surfers. Add to this natural attractions like waterfalls, verdant forest to explore, cultural sightseeing opportunities by visiting temples, an exhilarating nightlife, restaurants, markets and friendly people and it is easy to see why its Phuket constantly see a high number of tourist arrivals. Enjoy browsing through the images and if you have any photos of your own you like to see on our gallery you are welcome to forward it to us. We will give you full credit for it.


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