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Phi Phi Beaches

Phi Phi beaches are spectacular and the biggest attraction on the island. The sand is pure crystal white, there are no waves and the water is warm and shallow, making it perfect for swimming and all round family fun.

Locations such as Tonsai where the primary entertainment hub is located is vibrant, but most are tranquil and serene. You could even opt for a resort with a private beach in Phi Phi like you will find at Outrigger Village Resort and Zeavola. Below we offer a short description and photos of each, including ones which do offer accommodation, but which should be on your to-see list.

  • Ao Ton Sai Bay

    You can walk a hundred meters into the ocean and still only be waist deep. It is close to Tonsai Village featuring many budget resorts, mid range hotels, nightlife, restaurants and shops.
  • Monkey Bay

    One of those deserted places you need to visit with your partner in a kayak. It is lovely and offer good coral for some interesting snorkeling or simply a place to relax and be alone.
  • Hat Laem Tong

    Laem Tong is a beautiful beach with good accommodation where you can not only laze on crystal white sand but you can do it in seclusion. There are no noise here and no disturbances and the only way to the main part of the island is by boat. Long tail Boats lay in wait to take you on a quick scenic trip to where you want to go. It is great for swimming here and opposite the beach in full view is Bamboo Island, Mosquito Island and Hin Klang, three fabulous snorkeling sites.
  • Maya Bay Koh Phi Phi Leh

    The beauty of Maya Bay, on the uninhabited island of Koh Phi Phi Leh, was well capitalized upon in the move “The Beach”. It always has been a lovely tourist attraction but has become so popular that boats sometimes compete for space when bringing tourists from other areas for sightseeing and snorkeling. The bay is sheltered on three sides by towering limestone cliffs and inside the bay several beaches are located. Snorkeling here is awesome with shallow coral and tropical fish to be seen.
  • Long Beach

    In our opinion this is the best of the best beaches and great for snorkeling. The sand on Long Beach is indescribably soft and white and its location is perfect. It is close enough to Tong Sai Village, but still secluded enough to give you peace and tranquility and a feeling of having the place to yourself. Kayaking around Long beach is another favorite pastime with the many little beaches to explore. Accommodation is here is not exactly top end, but clean basic bungalows.
  • Loh Dalum Bay

    Quiet, tranquil and peaceful, Loh Dalum is absolutely beautiful. Little if any noise will interrupt your peace here. Yet, restaurants, fast food outlets, a multitude of shops and nightlife with bars are within easy walking distance. It offers some of the best hotel and resort accommodation and several water sports are on offer which include some para sailing. This activity will give you a view of paradise like you have never seen it before.
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