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Map of Koh Samet

When it is time to escape the frenetic pace of Bangkok, or if you had enough of the party life in Pattaya and need to head for an exotic island featuring idyllic beauty and a relaxed atmosphere, turn your sights on this beautiful island. Below we offer a map of Koh Samet so you can easily see the location of resorts on popular beaches such as Had Sai Kaew and many other pristine beaches dotted by stunning resorts fit for royalty.

It is only one hour from Pattaya and 3 hours from Bangkok, plus a quick boat ride. The main entry point to the island is from Baan Phe Pier from where boats leave twice per day at scheduled times. Scuba diving around its shores is a must for diving enthusiasts and island hopping to nearby locations is highly recommended. Top-end beach villas in Koh Samet are both luxurious and romantic and it also has ample budget friendly accommodation. Given its maintained preservation it is a magnet for scuba and snorkel enthusiasts boasting great dive spots revealing abundant marine life.