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Map of Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is an island which still retains is natural charm. Showcasing untouched nature, verdant forest, water falls and pristine beaches is the result of much less commercial development seeing the island largely escape the ugly footprint of man and large scale tourism. The island still offers all the amenities to ensure convenience including many restaurants, ATM's, markets, tour operators ready to take you exciting trips and of course great hotels of which you can find the location on our map of Koh Lanta.

However, the absence rows of hotels encroaching on prime beachfront, a raunchy nightlife and no large crowds that could seemingly drown you allows personal space, and tranquility. On this island a vacation is the way it was meant to be, in one with nature. Most beachfront villas are located on the western shore of the island facing incredibly beautiful, sparkling white beaches and azure ocean. You can use our map below as a point of reference when deciding where the best are is to stay.