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Map of Chiang Mai

Our map of Chiang Mai will not only help you find streets, hotel locations and popular places to see, but will also tell you exactly how to get to Chiang Mai from Bangkok and other locations within the country. Scroll down and insert where you are traveling from in the field provided. You will notice the route indicated on the map in blue as well as exact distances and directions.

With a domestic airport and daily flights from Bangkok, unless you want to embark on a scenic 10 hour drive by renting a car or taking the bus, this top tourist destination is easily accessible. Here there are hotels, resorts and spa and wellness retreats available in a choice of settings and choosing our location right is important. From the banks of the Ping River, 5 star hotels in city centre to resorts in the picturesque Mae Rim Valley the accommodation options are vast.

This region's people are known for their friendly and welcoming nature and the area is famous for its mountain scenery, many national parks, the northern hill tribe people and the most flavorful food in Thailand. Booking tours to attractions such as the night safari, Chiang Mai zoo, Mae Sa elephant camp and the many temples and museums are highly recommended.