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Koh Lanta Image Gallery

Looking at our Koh Lanta image gallery depicting its unspoilt nature, pristine beaches and emerald waters teeming with colorful marine life and it is clear there is such an effort to preserve and protect it from degradation. The palm dotted beaches are pure white contrasting with lush forest covered hills in the backdrop and a calm ocean lapping at the shore. With the images we provide below we hope to capture some of the island's allure, but the best way is to experience it in person and soak in the exotic beauty.

Entwined in this fascinating natural beauty, hotels and resorts in Koh Lanta provides the epitome of luxury accommodation, world class service and all the facilities you will ever need to ensure a vacation with fond memories. At the same time you will not find rows upon rows of resorts cluttering the beaches, all competing for recognition and consequent over commercialization. All this creates the perfect environment for those who choose an authentic experience in blissful harmony with nature.