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Koh Chang Beaches

The best Koh Chang beaches are located on the western shore and naturally this is where most of the best hotels are also found. These beaches include Klong Son, Hat Sai Khao (White Sand Beach) Khlong Phrao, Kai Bae, Bai Lan, Tha Nam (Lonely beach) and Bang Bao. Apart from these primary tourist locations there are also many bays, small coves and traditional villages.

The east is largely undeveloped making it inviting for some trekking, visiting waterfalls like Khlong Nonsi and the fishing villages. Below we offer information to help you decide which will be the best places to stay for your particular requirements to met.

  • White Sand Beach (Hat Sai Khao)

    Hat Sai Khao or more generally known as White Sand Beach is located to the northern tip of the western shore of the island and backed up by beautiful forested hills. This long stretch of sand slowly slopes into the sea making it ideal for swimming. It is notably the most popular area on the island and guarantee you will find the accommodation for every style and budget. The area behind the beach feature the primary entertainment and nightlife hub offering a host of bars, shops and restaurants, ATM’s, currency exchange outlets and Internet cafes.
  • Khlong Phrao Beach

    Khlong Phrao is the largest and located to the north west of the island. It is flat featuring soft sand, dotted with palm trees and it stretches for for more than 2 kilometers. It is also the best area if you want a selection of mainly deluxe type 5 star hotels and resorts, but still have some mid range accommodation available. Interesting to note about this area is that it is divided into three parts by a river estuary created by the klong Plu waterfall. Khlong Phrao provides for a quieter peaceful ambiance and beautiful views of the rocky landscape.
  • Khlong Son Beach

    Klong Son is located on the furthest northern end of the western shore. It is a quiet location receiving less visitors since most people head for the busier White Sand or Khlong Phrao. It is a popular fishing location with Baan Klong Son fisherman’s Village located nearby. The newer part of the village houses shops, bars and restaurants with the Nam Yon waterfall located approximately 4 kilometers to the south. This wide stretch of sand, lined with palm trees is home to the 5 star Aiyapura Resort, inviting visitors who seek peace, tranquility and 5 star hotel accommodation.
  • Kai Bae Beach

    Just south of Khlong is this chilled out ribbon of sand also on the western shore. It is a 2,5 km stretch of pure white and is the last of the larger beaches on the western shore. It is flat, suitable for swimming and offers an abundance of all levels of accommodation. In full view are the islets of Koh Yuak, Koh Pli, Koh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai. At low tide you can walk across to Koh Man Nai, have some seclusion and swim, snorkel or kayak in the lovely surroundings.
  • Lonely Beach (Tha Nam)

    Lined with palm trees and surrounded by calm shallow water. Not an area with many top hotels and resorts and still on the developing side of things. It does have a respectable hotel or two, but the electricity is erratic and running water not always available. It is as the name suggests a quiet place, hidden away from most major activity. So, when you have time, jump on a scooter, drive up the steep hill and enjoy some “lonely” and quiet swimming and tanning or even go for a paddle in a kayak.
  • Bang Tao Beach

    Bang Bao Beach is located furthest to the south of the western shore. It boasts a selection of seafood restaurants and the Bang Bao Fishing Village, built on stilts over the water. It has a relaxing atmosphere, sandy beach and lovely turquoise colored water. Not exactly perfect for swimming given the rocky bottom, but a nice quiet place to escape to and just relax. Several shops and restaurants are found here and the underwater environment makes for great diving.
  • Bai Lan Beach

    This is a 2.5 km stretch of sand located just below Lonely Beach toward the southern end of the western shore. To the north it becomes rocky and to the south a few sandy patches are found. Bai Lan Beach offers some good hotels like the Dusit Princess. Apart from this not any mentionable accommodation exist apart from some cheaper backpacker lodges.
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